Our approach

Coaching is a powerful and effective tool to support individuals and teams in their development. Much of our coaching work consists of helping leaders and teams identify and implement their purpose. We also offer coaching on broader leadership themes, including developing executive presence, managing relationships, handling conflict, and setting and prioritizing goals.

We see coaching primarily as a deep and nurturing partnership. It is not about giving advice. We listen intently to our clients and help them find the way forward for themselves. Our overall aim is to help our clients become outstanding performers and have a positive impact on the clients, employees and communities they serve.

What makes our coaching approach unique is our focus on long-term development. Short-term goals are important, but real change takes longer and requires a deeper exploration of underlying themes. We apply cutting-edge research in adult development (particularly the Immunity to Change methodology and the Integral Coaching® approach) to design bespoke coaching programs that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Integral Coaching

Coaching conversation

Our coaches are certified Integral Coaches who have undertaken a rigorous training program run by New Ventures West. NVW is recognized as an Accredited Coach Training Provider with the ICF, the primary accreditation body in the coaching profession. 

Integral Coaching is the process of building someone’s competence to face their situation in life and work. In practice, this means Integral Coaches understand their clients with great depth and scope, converse with them in a way that opens up insights and possibilities, and offer a path forward that includes activities custom-designed for them.

Our coaching programs take different forms: some are longer engagements, for 12 months or more. Others are shorter and more closely focused on a particular issue. Some take place in person, others primarily via phone and Skype. Whatever approach is used, the core of our offering remains the same:

  • We take a broad view, developmental approach to the coaching topic – rather than suggesting short-term, ‘quick-fix’ solutions, that are ineffective in the long-run.
  • We adopt an integral approach, which means we consider the whole person and the big picture – we don’t try to address one aspect of the topic in isolation from the context in which it shows up.
  • We listen, and help you find the way forward for yourself – rather than telling you what to do or how to do it.

If this sounds of interest, get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.



Testimonial 2

Head of Marketing, leading energy consultancy: 

"James was always present and focused on our discussions… He has the courage to listen and challenge… I felt inspired working with James. He was patient, brave and kind.”

Account Director, top-tier advertising agency:

"I found James very open, understanding and empathetic. At every turn I felt that he was responding to me in an intelligent and intuitive manner, and not imposing any preconceived ideas. If an approach he recommended was not bringing about the results he expected, he had no compunction at re-thinking based on his deepening understanding of me. He was incredibly adept at getting to the true heart of an issue, and offering wise insight and practical steps to work with."

Actor and producer:

"James’ coaching style was very patient and calm and very focused. He was always well prepared for the sessions, having a clear subject to be worked on…. He was competent, adaptable and sympathetic”.

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson