What we do 

We help individuals and organizations develop a sense of purpose in their life and work.

We do this by providing professional coaching, training programs, and thoughtful consultancy.  

In addition, we offer a broad suite of leadership and team development services.

Who we are

James Boddy

Purpose Matters was founded by James Boddy in 2015, as a platform to give effect to his own sense of purpose: to have the conversations that really matter. James partners with a number of trusted colleagues to deliver Purpose Matters' services.

Originally from the UK, James moved to the US in 2014. He holds a Master's degree from Harvard University in Human Development & Psychology, specializing in leadership and adult development. This gave him the opportunity to carry out detailed research into the nature of purpose in individual and organizational settings, and to develop a number of models focused on purpose development. He often speaks and writes on this topic.

James is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a certified Integral Coach. He currently sits on the faculty of the Professional Coaching Course run by New Ventures West, and is a Senior Associate with Cambria Consulting. Read More...


Over the last decade, a growing number of academics, educators, and business leaders have become interested in the topic of purpose. Researchers have now established that purpose is an identifiable psychological construct, and that it is extraordinarily helpful for individuals - young and old - to develop a sense of purpose. For example, it has been shown that individuals with a sense of purpose are more resilient and motivated, better able to handle stress, and psychologically and physically healthier, when compared to individuals without a sense of purpose (Damon, 2008, The Path to Purpose).

While the benefits of purpose are clear, how to go about developing a sense of purpose is less well understood. That's where we come in. Using a series of proprietary models, developed at Harvard, we support individuals and organizations as they take the necessary steps to inquire into this essential topic. 

We don't stop there. Once a client identifies their purpose, the next step is often more challenging: integrating this within the existing structures of their life and work. We partner with our clients to demystify this process, unlocking powerful and pragmatic solutions that deliver real-world results.

For more information, see our blog entries describing what we mean by purpose, the benefits of developing purpose, and how to begin the journey of inquiring into purpose.


He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how
— Friedrich Nietzsche